Don't let heat and harsh conditions slow down your manufacturing process or jeopardize the safety of your workforce.
The solution is a Big Ass fan.

Big Ass Fans are heavy-duty ceiling fans designed using industrial-grade components to deliver comfort to spaces where comfort seems impossible. Ideal as overhead fans, Big Ass Fans are made to give cooling comfort in large industrial environments, and harsh or dirty locations where durability and airflow are needed such as factories, warehouses, schools, gyms, churches, malls, supermarkets, and more.

Each Industrial Ceiling Fan is fully factory-tested prior to shipping, ensuring a perfectly functioning system backed by a full 7-year mechanical and 3-year electrical warranty.

With Big Ass Fans, we serve our clients with passion backed by innovation. We think smarter. We go bigger. We make every space better for people to work safely, perform productively, and live comfortably.

Industrial-Strength Performance

Energy Efficiency

Save up to 30% on energy bills with Big Ass Fans products.

Unrivaled Features

Protect your investment with industry-leading safety features.

Advanced Controls

Easily operate Big Ass fans with their advanced control options.

How does HVLS Fan work?

The world can be a hot place… and warehouses are often hotter. Humans have found countless ways to keep cool, from tank tops and swimming pools to the luxury of air conditioning. While there are many ways to drop the heat, we all can’t jump into the pool whenever the temperature gets too high, especially in the workplace.

Thank goodness for fans. Industrial ceiling fans work by circulating air throughout a space, which helps to lower the temperature and reduce humidity. This can make a significant difference in the comfort level of workers, especially in hot and humid environments.

What are the advantages and benefits of HVLS Fans?

The two primary reasons companies in the Philippines buy and install high-volume industrial fans are saving energy and providing comfort for their employees.

The most common reason is to create a more comfortable working environment for employees. When warehouses and industrial plants get too hot and humid, it can have a negative impact on workers' health and productivity. Their body temperature increases, their brain activity slows down, and they get tired more easily. As a result, productivity drops, leading to unhappy employees, poor morale, high turnover, and reduced profits.

Maintaining a comfortable work environment isn’t a luxury. requires that businesses care for their employees while at work, and take reasonable steps to ensure their well-being while protecting them from harm. An extremely hot warehouse can cause physical and psychological harm to workers asked to spend hours every day in unhealthy conditions.

Since air-conditioning can be prohibitively expensive to install and operate, high-volume industrial fans provide a more affordable, efficient, and effective solution. These HVLS fans are powerful enough to circulate a continuous, high volume of air throughout warehouses, schools, gyms, and other huge working areas providing much-needed relief and airflow that will keep your staff happy and as productive as possible.

Where should HVLS Fans be placed?

HVLS fans cannot just be placed anywhere, there are different considerations that you may want to consider first before deciding where you want to place your HVLS fan.



You need to know the size of your space so that the airflow expert can choose a fan that is the right size and power for your needs.


Existing systems

Some existing systems may need to be considered when installing HVLS fans, such as making sure there is enough room for the fans and that they can be integrated with other systems.


Working conditions

The airflow expert needs to know how your space is used so that they can choose a fan that will provide the desired airflow and comfort.

Anyone who’s serious about buying the best HVLS fan in the Philippines will want to have a conversation with an airflow expert from Big Ass Fans. Our team can help you choose the perfect fan to bring comfort and higher productivity to your warehouse crew.

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How much do HVLS fans cost?

When people discover HVLS fans, they get excited. The “wow” factor quickly becomes the “now” factor as they get excited about the possibility of installing one in their building.

Anyone who’s serious about buying the best HVLS fan will want to have a conversation with an airflow expert from Big Ass Fans. Our team can help you choose the perfect fan to bring comfort and higher productivity to your warehouse crew.

When it comes to high-performance equipment like premium HVLS fans, the value of their level of quality should not be underestimated. These are machines designed to operate for countless hours on end, and for years to come.

How to choose the best HVLS fan?

There are a few factors to keep in mind when shopping for the best HVLS fans in the Philippine market today. Most HVLS fan manufacturers make similar claims. They all tend to talk about improved comfort, energy efficiency, and industrial-grade parts. But not all high-volume, low-speed fans are alike. In fact, their construction, design, and performance can vary significantly.

Here are the most important qualities to consider when choosing the best HVLS fan.


Although all HVLS fans can move large volumes of air, their performance varies. The best way to find out how well a particular fan will work in your building is to have the manufacturer provide a computer simulation of its performance. Big Ass Fans is known for providing accurate and measurable computer simulations of their fans.


The amount of energy that an HVLS fan uses depends on a number of factors, including the size and type of motor, the design of the airfoils, and the speed at which the fan is operated. However, the best HVLS fan manufacturers can provide detailed information and calculations to help you get an accurate estimate of energy consumption.


Noise is a common concern for buyers who want the benefits of an HVLS fan without the disruption. The sound output of HVLS fans varies widely, but some companies provide decibel measurements for each fan. Direct drive motors are generally quieter than standard motors with gearboxes.


Many HVLS fans come with upgradable options such as remote controls, security system integration, air purification equipment, BMS integration, and even colors.

Technology Features

The amount of computer technology used in HVLS fans varies widely from fan to fan and brand to brand. The best HVLS fans use high-tech features to improve efficiency, control, timing, security, monitoring, and integration with other systems, such as HVAC and fire suppression.

We’ve helped thousands of customers sort through the numbers to discover why high-quality HVLS fans from Big Ass Fans are worth the investment. Contact our team today to explore which fan is best for you—or, in other words, which fan you can’t afford not to have!

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