Big Ass Fans designs and manufactures large-diameter ceiling fans for industrial and commercial use. It is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, where all aspects of the business are centered, from R&D to assembly to marketing to sales. But now, this industrial fan is also being offered here in the Philippines.

With a strong focus on engineering and design, Big Ass Fans stands out when it comes to functionality and aesthetics. Their modern and sleek fans seamlessly integrate into any living space, while innovative engineering delivers optimal airflow solutions. Big Ass Fans specializes in using only the finest materials and precision-engineered components to manufacture their HVLS fans, ensuring superior performance, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Big Ass overhead fans work with your HVAC to provide significant energy savings.
Unique aerodynamic design enhances both energy efficiency and airflow by eliminating vortex formation at the airfoil tips.
Industry-leading full 15-year mechanical and 7-year electrical warranty.
Inline helical-cut gears for efficient, reliable and durable operation.
What We Offer

Whether you need to cool down a warehouse, boost air circulation in a gymnasium, or increase comfort in a commercial space, our HVLS heavy-duty ceiling fans are the ideal solution for your needs. Engineered with heavy-duty components, they create a comfortable and productive environment, even at low operating speeds.

Industrial Fans

Compared to conventional fans, industrial fans are larger in diameter and operate at a slower rotational speed, which makes them ideal for warehouses and large spaces. They move massive volumes of airflow throughout the entire space, ensuring even temperature distribution. Powered by high-performance motors, industrial fans can handle extreme temperatures, dust, humidity, and extensive use. They also provide improved ventilation, air quality, and employee comfort at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning.

Best industrial fan Philippines- Powerfoil X3.0

Powerfoil X3.0

Big Ass Fans' biggest, strongest, most durable industrial fan. Ideal for large industrial environments, harsh, dusty, or dirty locations, where maximum durability and airflow are needed like factories, warehouses, manufacturing, schools, churches, gyms and malls.

Powerfoil X3.0 features a patented system of aerospace-designed airfoils and winglets, and the purpose-built sealed NitroSeal Drive gearbox requires no maintenance. Powerfoil X3.0 now ships with an intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen controller. Power has never been so easy to control.

heavy duty industrial fans Philippines - Powerfoil 8

Powerfoil 8

The Big Ass Fans Powerfoil 8 is designed to tackle air circulation challenges in large industrial spaces. It incorporates a patented airfoil system and aerodynamic blades for efficient air movement. An industrial-grade motor ensures reliable operation, while the oversized hub system contributes to balanced performance. Built with robust components, the Powerfoil 8 is suited for harsh industrial environments. Notably, it prioritizes quiet operation and energy efficiency.

HVLS Industrial Ceiling fans Philippines - Basic 6

Basic 6

We wanted to make the power of Big Ass Fans accessible, which is why we created Basic 6 , the affordable HVLS fan that gets the job done. Providing years of reliable airflow on a budget, this industrial overhead fan keeps your environment ventilated and your energy bills low. If you need an amazing fan but not all the high-tech features of our premier models, Basic 6 is the fan for you.

Warehouse industrial fans Philippines - Powerfoil 8 Plus

Powerfoil 8 Plus

The Powerfoil 8 Plus offers top-tier performance and advanced engineering, surpassing the standards of heavy-duty HVLS fans. This fan excels in extreme conditions due to its powerful motor, robust winglets, multi-patented airfoil technology, and machine-cut components. With its unrivaled features and year-round energy savings, the Powerfoil 8 Plus is the epitome of innovation and reliability.

Industrial ceiling fan Philippines - Powerfoil 3 Plus

Powerfoil 3 Plus

Setting the global benchmark for airflow, Big Ass Fans’ Powerfoil 3 Plus is a highly efficient and robust solution. It is equipped with multi-patented Powerfoil aerofoils, an IP43 motor and NitroSealTM Drive gearbox, and an ABS/PVC-based enclosure for reliable and long-lasting air circulation performance in various applications. If you want a bigger and more powerful HVLS industrial ceiling fan, look no further than the Powerfoil 3 Plus.

Application of Industrial HVLS Ceiling Fans

The use of industrial fans is common in industrial sectors for ventilating, clearing exhausts, drying, and cooling purposes. These sectors include:

  • Agriculture – HVLS ceiling fans enhance air circulation to help farms create a stable environment for dairy cattle. They minimize floor condensation, dry barn manure, and eliminate smells, excessive moisture, and harmful bacteria in stagnant agricultural structures.
  • Automotive Manufacturing – In automotive manufacturing plants, HVLS fans help regulate temperatures and disperse fumes from painting and welding techniques. They also dissipate heat from machinery and vehicles to prevent overheating and maintain safe working conditions.
  • Food Processing – HVLS fans ensure proper air circulation to maintain sanitary conditions in food processing facilities. They control temperature and humidity levels and reduce moisture and bacteria buildup to support food safety standards.
  • Pharmaceutical – Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities often use HVLS fans to maintain controlled environments with precise temperature, humidity, and air quality. In addition, these fans minimize airborne contaminants and safeguard product integrity to meet industry regulations.
  • Chemical Processing – Industrial HVLS fans regulate the release of fumes and vapors within chemical processing plants to ensure a safe working environment and contain the spread of hazardous substances.

Commercial Fans

Commercial fans are designed to handle heavy-duty tasks and demanding conditions. They are typically constructed from light gauges, pressed and bolted propeller blades, and light-duty motors to provide efficient and effective air circulation and convenient operation in large commercial areas.

HVLS Fans - Commercial

An essential money-saving machine and a work of art for commercial spaces, indoors or out. With a gearless direct-drive motor that provides quiet, comforting air movement, ideal for any space from lobbies, pavilions, restaurants and music venues to seaside dining and open-air theaters.

Application of Commercial HVLS Ceiling Fans

Commercial HVLS ceiling fans are used in various settings, such as:

  • Convenience/Shopping Centers – Commercial HVLS fans create a pleasant environment by promoting better air circulation, reducing stuffiness, and ensuring a more comfortable shopping experience. They also maintain consistent temperatures throughout the space, preventing hot spots and cold drafts.
  • Outdoor Auditorium/Stadium – Open-air auditoriums and stadiums often encounter air circulation issues due to their expansive size and outdoor setup. HVLS fans improve airflow and disperse air pollutants and stagnant air to keep patrons comfortable during events.
  • Chapels – Religious establishments like chapels require a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere for their congregants. A commercial HVLS fan offers gentle air movement that reduces stuffiness and maintains optimal temperatures and humidity.
  • Medical Institutions – Hospitals and medical institutions must ensure the best ventilation and air quality for patients and healthcare staff. HVLS fans facilitate air movement to reduce the risk of airborne contaminants and promote a healthier environment.
  • Athletic Facilities/Gym – Gymnasiums, fitness centers, and other athletic facilities feature high, spacious areas that are susceptible to moisture retention and condensation. Installing HVLS fans can effectively reduce chlorine odors and chloramine levels, improving air quality for both athletes and spectators.

Directional Fans

Directional fans offer targeted cooling for specific areas in work and sports environments. These portable fans feature high-performance motors and construction, making them ideal for use with HVLS fan systems, roof turbines, or positioned over large entrances to create air curtains.

Industrial HVLS fans Philippines - Directional - Yellow

Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket® is the tough-as-nails directional fan that takes abuse and stays in use. This mountable or portable fan directs airflow where it’s needed to keep your employees feeling comfortable. No floor space? Yellow Jacket easily mounts to walls, columns, and ceilings to make it the ultimate fleet of industrial fans for warehouses. If it gets dirty, don’t worry—this beast is washdown ready, so it’s a breeze to clean. And don’t let the name fool you: Yellow Jacket comes in eight classic colors or custom color matching.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor mobile cooling, workstations, event spaces, maximum durability and power.

Directional - Airgo 2.0

Airgo 2.0

The biggest, most versatile vertical floor fan. Its compact design and durable construction make it an ideal air movement solution in the toughest of environments. Add the optional All Terrain Package that has oversized tires, wider base and four-wheel steering to provide increased mobility.

It’s the only 8-foot mobile fan on the market, and it has the same high-volume, low speed technology as our iconic ceiling fans.

Directional - Black Jack

Black Jack

Jack of all trades? You bet. Black Jack is the powerful directional fan that’s light and maneuverable enough for one person to handle and impervious to rain, moisture and low-pressure water jets.

Perfect everywhere from narrow aisles and crowded auto shops to outdoor wedding venues and fitness centers. It has handles on both sides, and was made light and maneuverable enough for one person to easily push around.

Application of Directional Fans

Directional fans are suitable for facilities with limited space for HVLS fans, such as buildings with low ceilings or high rack aisles. Some of the most common applications are:

  • Small Greenhouses – For small greenhouses, directional fans help regulate temperature and humidity levels to promote plant growth. These fans deliver targeted airflow to ensure proper air circulation and prevent stagnant air.
  • Dairy Barns – Proper ventilation is crucial in dairy barns to promote air quality and the well-being of livestock. Directional fans support evaporative cooling and prevent the buildup of hazardous gasses and odors.
  • Small Stadiums – Small stadiums or indoor sports facilities with limited room for large fans can benefit from directional fans. These fans offer targeted cooling and air circulation to ensure a comfortable environment for the audience.
  • Warehouses – Ideal for warehouses with limited ceiling space, directional fans provide focused airflow to specific areas, minimizing stagnant air pockets. This targeted approach promotes consistent temperature and employee comfort.
Why Go Big Ass?
A Champion For Comfort

Comfort isn’t just a word. It’s our mission. It’s the reason we do what we do. Every HVLS product we engineer, every advancement we make begins with workers in mind. After all, they don’t complain about being uncomfortable with Big Ass Fans on the job.

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We engineer the most innovative products on the planet. Products that deliver the best results for our customers. From saving energy and reducing operating costs to optimizing employee performance and productivity, our products succeed where all others fall short. The way we see it, when our customers make money, we make money. It’s the ultimate win-win situation.

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A trusted advisor. A partner in success. An advocate for what’s possible. At Big Ass Fans Philippines, we build one-on-one relationships with customers — understanding their unique needs and challenges to help their business run better. With honesty and integrity as our beacon, we not only stand behind our products, we stand for doing what’s right.

Make an immediate impact on your business with energy-efficient cooling from our high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) industrial overhead fans. These powerful fans are designed to turn harsh conditions into pleasant environments, boosting employee productivity and retention. Cool your team through the summer and recirculate warm air back to the ground floor during winter with our HVLS fans’ year–round comfort protection.

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